Brooksville, Florida
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The following specimens are all from the Late Oligocene fissure fills of the Brooksville 2
locality in Hernando County, Florida. This site was discovered in the 1990's and exhaustively
collected by the Florida museums and is now worked out. Specimens are part of a cave
microfauna and typically measure ~3 mm long.
Calamagras Snake Vertebra - £6/$10
Geringophis Vertebra - £6/$10
Scolecophidia - £15/$25
Rare, minute blind snake vertebra.
Barely 1 mm long.
Frogs & Amphibians
Frog Bone collection - £10/$15
Includes Ranid frog ilium, humerus, radioulna, angulosplenial, quadrate. A rare collection
as frog material is not at all common in the fossil record.
Amphibian Vertebra - £6/$10
A rare vertebrae from a newt or
salamander. The first of their kind
that we have had.
Plestiodon jaw section - £6/$10
Anolis iguana jaw section - £8/$12
Crocodile tooth
Gila Monster dermal
scale £6/$10
Autotomous vertebra
Anolis iguana
vertebra - £6/$10
Bat molar - £10/$15
Bat finger bone - £3/$5
Bat incisor - £10/$15
Rodents & Mammals
Agnotocastor beaver
tooth £10/$15
Arikeeomys tooth
Prosciurus tooth
Nototamias tooth
Heliscomys tooth
premolar £6/$10
Kirkomys tooth
Proheteromys molar
Megalagus rabbit
tooth £3/$5
Mammal toe and
claw £10/$15
Rodent incisor £6/$10
Canid tooth £6/$10