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Fossils & Meteorites
This category is still a work in progress as we have many more images to upload to the website. All images are provided as JPEG files in
high resolution. The exact DPI will vary depending on how the image is viewed but as a general rule images measure approximately 20
inches wide at 200 DPI, which of course equate to 10 inches at 400 DPI, etc. From our own experiences in book publishing we have found
that you rarely need much more than 400 DPI for most projects.

We have been accumulating these images for close to 20 years and it should be noted that some were originally captured on the earliest
digital cameras. This means they lack the resolution and clarity of modern cameras and may not be suitable for full page spreads.
However, all images are suitable for at least a 5x3 or 6x4 inch image (to use standard photograph sizes as an example everyone can relate
to). We have made a notation by each image that falls into this category. The benefit of these images is that they are still perfectly suitable
for printing yet are inexpensive to license. Initially most images on this site will fall into this category as we are working through our archives
in roughly chronological order. Later images will be much more suited for enlargement up to A4 size or larger.

Most images have received some manipulation to tidy them up be it trimming, colour balance, hue saturation, dust removal, sharpening and
so on, but all can still be heavily manipulated. The licensing agreement allows you to crop, rotate, edit, convert to black and white, or
perform any other standard photograph editing procedure necessary for the image to meet your requirements.

How To Order:
Simply send us an email stating the code numbers of the photos you would like to use and we will issue you with a no obligation quote. If
you decide to go ahead with licensing then the files will either be emailed to you or put on a CD/DVD and sent the old fashioned way.

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