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December 12, 2018
We are about to begin a major revamp of our website so over the coming weeks many pages
may not be available. The website will be set up with a more educational theme in which each
page contains considerably more information on the fossils being sold.

In most categories images will show typical specimens like the ones you will receive, rather than
of the exact specimen. This is because we do so much of our business through ebay that it is
redundant to duplicate the information between the two sites. There will still be a vast array of
fossil listed on this site but they will all be in the context of the educational pages on which they
are listed allowing students and teachers to by items in quantity if desired for use in the
classroom. Collectors will still be able to buy just one of any item as they have done in the past.

These changes will not be as drastic as they sound because most of the site is currently set up
in this manner, but in a less organised format than we would like.

While we change the site (it will take weeks and months due to time constraints) you can still
order items from any of the active pages and we always have about 1000 different listings
running on ebay under both our user names (sdfossils and kdfossils).