The Texas Permian
Red Beds
The fossils on this page all originate from the famous Permian Red Beds of Texas. The beds were collected by Cope,
Marsh and Romer, the principal early workers on Permian vertebrates. The fossils are often more worn than at other
Permian sites, due to the nature of their deposition, but they are still good representatives from a classic deposit. You
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Dimetrodon jaw section with teeth #3
£40/$65 - Measures ~20mm long.
This specimen and the jaw sections with teeth that
follow all belong to
Dimetrodon and have at least
one unbroken tooth in the jaw. In all cases the jaw
has a nice wear facet from use in life. The wear
facet was formed where the tooth rubbed against
another as the animal ate. The size of the wear
facets suggests that the teeth had been in use for
some time and that these jaw sections are from
mature specimens. Each specimen has good bone
preservation and tooth enamel is sound. Note the
tooth sockets in some specimens. The small
thumbnails all show the specimens in one inch gem
jars for scale.
Dimetrodon spine - £3/$5
A good quality section of spine from the
sail of Dimetrodon. Spines measures ~1/2
inch - 15mm long and are well preserved.
Dimetrodon medium sized vertebrae - £15/$25
A very good quality complete vertebra. The specimen is shown on a one inch gem jar for scale.
Ophiacodon large vertebra - £50/$80

A good/very good quality complete vertebral
centrum from this semi-aquaitc pelycosaur. Nice
bone preservation and of a large size, measuring
~1 inch/ 25 mm wide. One of the biggest
pelycosaur vertebrae we have had in a long time.
Edaphosaurus caudal vertebra - £15/$25
A good/very good quality complete caudal vertebrae from this herbivorous pelycosaur. The vertebrae is shown in
a one inch gem jar for scale. Image shows a typical specimen.
Eryops megacephalus
Microsamples are harder to obtain from the Texas Red Beds as they are generally less fossiliferous. However, we
have been able to obtain some material from a microsite that is rich in vertebrate remains, particularly the sharks.
Archer City Formation - £6/$10
Nice material quite rich in shark denticles, teeth and other vertebrate remains.
Eryops Upper jaw with fang
platform - £125/$200
A rare piece of Eryops skull that
preserves the base of several
teeth and one of the large fang
platforms. The bases of the two
giant fangs are clearly visible.
This is a rare piece.
Eryops Jaw fragments - £6/$10 each
A rare piece of Eryops jaw that preserves the base or
sockets for the teeth. Each specimen has nice bone
preservation and exhibits the robust construction.
Eryops Intercentrum - £6/$10 each
A nice chunky example of an Eryops
intercentrum. These bones formed the lower
part of an
Eryops vertebral complex.