Lower Permian
Vertebrates of Oklahoma
Volume 1 - Waurika
This is a brand new book that we have written on the fauna of Waurika. It
is a hard back publication consisting of 200 pages with 800 photographs
and illustrations, all of which relate to the fauna of Waurika. The book is
professionally printed and bound but is not available in any stores - you
can only buy it directly from us.
It is a limited edition book.

'Lower Permian Vertebrates of Oklahoma Volume 1' is the only book like
it on the market and is a one stop reference for anyone interested in the
vertebrate fauna of the Lowland Plains fauna of the Lower Permian. The
book can be used not only for the Waurika fauna but covers many of the
genera from the Red Beds of Texas. Any fossil collector will find the book
interesting, but for those who love the Permian it is indispensable.

Here is the table of contents:

Introduction - 4


Archeria sp. - 10

Diadectes sideropelicus - 26

Diplocaulus magnicornis - 45

Doleserpeton annectens - 53

Eryops megacephalus - 55

Trimerorhachis insignis - 79


Dimetrodon limbatus - 94

Edaphosaurus boanerges - 122

Cotylorhynchus romeri - 142

Ophiacodon retroversa - 144

Secodontosaurus obtusidens - 154

Sharks and Fish

Barbclabornia leuderensis - 166

Bransonella sp. - 168

Orthocanthus compressus - 169

Orthocanthus platypternus - 176

Petalodont sharks

Janassa sp. - 178

Helodus sp. - 183

Shark skin denticles - 186

Shark coprolites - 189

Fin Spines

Anodontocanthus sp. - 191

Orthocanthus sp. - 193

Cartilage - 196

Lung fish -
Sagenodus and Gnathorhiza  -197

Palaeoniscoid fish - 199

Miscellaneous - 201

Below are some of the pages from the book. Please note these are deliberately shown in
low res and are photographs of the pages rather than scans - this is done to prevent
unauthorised use of the images.
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