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New Specimens
Richards Spur V
Amphibians & 'Diadectids'
In the past we have listed these as Diadectid feet but now we believe they
are from a new amphibian, but which we do not now. To avoid confusion
with previous sales of these items we are keeping them under Diadectid for
now. Each is a composite with every toe and ungual being a genuine
fossil. They are presented in a glass fronted 60 mm/2.25 inch wide display
case. These are rare and beautiful feet. These are the last that we will be
able to offer as we have now sorted all the matrix from which these bones
came. The image right shows the quality of a typical specimen.
'Diadectid' ungual - £30/$45
Specimen shown in 1 inch/28 mm gem jar
'Diadectid' digit #1
Specimen shown in 1
inch/28 mm gem jar.
Amphibian Toe bone set - £40/$65
Specimens shown in 1 inch/28 mm gem jar.
Two large and rare amphibian toe bones showing the
distinct hourglass shape. Very well preserved with
beautiful glossy bone. Rare at Richards Spur.
Captorhinus aguti
Each of the following collections is presented in a 1.75 inch wide gem jar display case. All the
specimens are complete unless noted and well preserved. In every set there are the following
fossils: Vertebra, skull plate, limb bone end, Jaw with teeth, intercentrum, atlas vertebra, and
a partial rib. This is a neat collection of fossils from this famous reptile.
Captorhinus aguti collection - £12/$20 each
Cacops sp.
Each of the following collections is housed in a 1 inch/28 mm gem jar and contains a nice quality
tooth a complete intercentra and a complete pleuracentra. The latter two specimens are not at all
common at Richards Spur and are the first we have found - all coming from a single batch of
matrix. This is a nice little collection of rare fossils from this unusual Lower Permian amphibian.
Cacops collection - £10/$15 each
Includes a tooth intercentrum and pleuracentrum.
Mycterosaurus sp.
Each of the following collections is housed in a 2.25 inch/60 mm glass fronted display case and
contains a thoracic vertebrae, caudal vertebrae and partial humerus, femur and tibia of the
primitive pelycosaur Mycterosaurus. The bone quality is excellent and the vertebrae represent
complete centra. Complete limb bones are exceptionally rare but this is an opportunity to get
identifiable portions of 3 of this pelycosaurs limb bones.
Mycterosaurus collection - £15/$25 each
Mycterosaurus Tail - SOLD!
A very rare composite tail in a 140 mm/5.5 inch glass fronted riker mount. This is the only one
we have ever been able to put together, making it a very collectible specimen. There are a
total of 20 caudal vertebrae in the tail and most are complete with the neural spines.
Doleserpeton annectens
The following specimens are all vertebral elements from this tiny
amphibian. Each collection is housed in a 1 inch/28 mm gem jar (right)
and includes an intercentra, pleuracentra and double headed rib. These
are rare specimens that are found in only the finest fractions of the matrix.
The images below are enlargements of the specimens in each collection.
Doleserpeton vertebra - £6/$10 each
Includes a rib, intercentrum and pleuracentrum